• Simple Introduction in English

    Introduction is very important in learning English. We should able to express our self to somebody else in good manner. Even though introduction usually based or depends on culture of somebody's country, but most of people do introduce themselves in a very first time meeting each other.


    1. FORMAL

      Introduction Response

    • I'd like to introduce myself. My name is………. - It's pleasure to meet you ….
    • May i introduce myself? I'm ……….. - Nice to meet you
    • Excuse me, my name's ………….. - Glad to meet you


      Introduction Response

    • Have we met before? My name's ….. - (I'm) Glad to meet you
    • I don't think we've met before. My name's ………… - (I'm) Happy to meet you

    Asking somebody else name

    • What is your complete name?
    • What is your nickname?
    • How do you spell your nickname?
    • Where and when were you born?
    • How old are you?
    • Where are you from? / Where do you come from?
    • Where do you live?

    Introducing others


    Response A

    Response B

    I'd like to introduce Brigita

    How do you do

    How do you do

    I'd like to introduce Restu

    Glad to meet you

    The pleasure is mine

    I'd like you to meet Vina

    Nice to meet you

    Nice to meet you too

    I want to introduce Dodo K to you

    Pleased to meet you

    Me too

    This is Shila




    A (ei) H (eich) O (ow) V (vi)

    B (bi) I (ai) P (pi) W (double yu)

    C (si) J (jei) Q (kyu) X (eks)

    D (di) K (kei) R (a:) Y (wai)

    E (i) L (el) S (es) Z (zed) British

    F (ef) M (em) T (ti) (zi) American

    G (jie) N (en) U (yu)


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