• IDIOMATIC FUTURE: Sample Exercise

    We use the idiomatic future, sometimes referred to as near future, when we want to express a future action that will occur relatively soon or when we have decided to do something. In other words, our intention is to do something, we use: BE GOING TO + INFINITIVE.


    Ex. I am going to drive to the supermarket in about 10 minutes.

    Susan is going to work tomorrow.

    My neighbors are going to move next month.

    We’re going to see an excellent movie tonight.

    What are you going to do on the weekend?

    Is Jerry going to study during his Christmas vacation?


    Complete the following sentences using am/are/is going to + one of these verbs

    wear give eat cook buy sell

    study take walk do rain play

    1. I don’t have anything fancy in my closet. What ________ I __________________

    to the party?

    2. This sweater doesn’t fit me anymore. I __________________________ it to my


    3. John is very hungry. He ________________________ at McDonalds.

    4. It’s Jeff’s birthday next week. What ________ we ______________________ him?

    5. I’m starving! What ________ you _____________________ for dinner ?

    6. If you ________________________ to the park bring an umbrella. I think it

    ______________________ .

    7. Mary ___________________________ for her exams.

    8. ___________ you _____________________ your computer? Because I really

    need one.

    9. What _________ you _______________________ after you graduate from

    university ?

    10. Karen ___________________________ a trip to Europe for a month.

    11. My brother ____________________________ basketball for the national team.

    Class Activity: List some things you are going to do later today. Then discuss them in



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