Housekeeping Department is one of the hotel departments in a hotel or cruise ship which has responsibility to maintain the cleanliness, tidiness, and completeness' of guestrooms, public area, and crew area. Guest satisfactory is the major concern in hospitality business. By providing an outstanding service to complete guest's satisfaction Housekeeping department hold the key of the business by providing excellent service of the guestrooms and well maintained the cleanliness of public areas so the guests feel comfortable and enjoy the cruise.


    • A surface is the outer part of an object. There are two types of surface. Hard surface: cement, ceramic, marble, Formica, vinyl, porcelain, steel, wood. Soft: fabric, carpet, fiber, blanket, curtain, leather, walk off mat.
    • Types of cabin that usually used onboard cruise ship are standard room, junior suite, suite, and penthouse. The differences between each type of room are facilities, price, and services.
    • Sequence of cleaning room
    1. Enter the Stateroom
    2. Remove Soiled linen and Trash
    3. Strip all beds
    4. Prepping bathroom
    5. Distribute clean linen
    6. Make the bad
    7. Clean the bathroom
    8. Cleaning the room (wipe the mirror, dusting and vacuuming)
    9. Provide stateroom supplies and amenities
    10. Deliveries (i.e. gift, fax, e-mail, letter)
    11. Double check the room and bathroom
    12. Report/note maintenance concern


    • Make the bed

      Place mattress pad on the bed, secure with elastic corner bands. Place and center first plain sheet on the bed and tuck it at the head of the bed and make miter in every corner. Place and center second plain sheet on the bed, with the inside part of the sheet facing up, then place and center blanket at least 8 inches from the top of the bed. Place and center third sheet on top of the blanket, turn back second plain sheet over the blanket and the third sheet then move to the foot of the bed. Straighten first sheet, second sheet, blanket, and third sheet and tuck it in all across. Miter the corners. Tuck in side of the bed (includes all sheets and blanket), check bed skirt, and straighten all sides of the bed, then place bed cover.


    • Cleaning the bathroom

      Put dirty towels in proper linen bag and trash into the rubbish bin to the station or trolley. Clean bathtub and shower using proper chemical completely (edges, chrome, soap dish, towel rack, and wall). Dry shower curtains, shower wall, and shower hose. Clean inside the toilet bowl using toilet brush, clean under the toilet seat and cover, and under the toilet bowl with proper chemical. Clean medicine cabinet, clean the mirror using hot water, wipe dry with clean rag, and make sure no watermarks. Clean washbasin, faucet/tap, under washbasin and dry it completely. Clean the bathroom floor by mopping it, and then dry it completely. Replenish amenities such as shampoo, soap, conditioner, body lotion, shower cap, cotton bud, facial tissue, toilet tissue, and toilet paper. Replace and supply required towels and bathrobe (if applicable). Give a final look and double check.


    • Cleaning the bath tub

      Spray proper chemical (all-purpose cleaner) to the bathtub and rubber mat. Scrub bathtub and rubber mat using hand brush. Remove and clean the drain trap (drain stopper). Rinse bathtub and rubber mat, and then dry it completely. Clean soap dish using a damp cloth. Clean the curtain (both sides) and ensure there is no mildew on it. Wipe bathtub, shower curtain, shower fixture and chrome. Put the showerhead in a correct position. Put the rubber mat and bath math on the edge of the bathtub. Ensure that the shower curtain position is at the center of the bath up.


    • Cleaning the washbasin

      Run some warm water into the sink. Spray the correct chemical (all-purpose cleaner). Spray the mirror with glass cleaner then wipe it. Clean the countertop area of the vanity. Clean the sink, remove drain stopper, and then polish it (sink, faucet, vanity/counter top) with rag.


    • Handling guest's complaint
      • Listen carefully for the complain. It's important to show that you are giving full attention to the guest.
      • Don't interrupt. Interuption will cause the guest to speak louder and longer
      • Wait until the guest completely finished talking. Before saying anything, make sure that the guest has completely finished talking and not just resuming for breath.
      • Apologize. A short clear apology should be the first thing you offer to the guest. This must come before any explainations or reason
      • Speak normally. Don't let your voice rise to match the guest's voice. This will generate more arguments.
      • Summarize the complaints. Summarize the points of the guest's complain and ensure that you are understand about it to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding in solving the guest's complain.
      • Explain what action will be taken, and how quick to solve it. Ensure that you know what to do to solve the guest's complain and give the guest a definite time.


    • Laundry is part of housekeeping department that has responsibility to wash and press guest's clothes, management level employee clothes, and all of the linens onboard the ship.


    • Laundry process begins with checking equipment and tools before and after usage, measuring the capacity of the linen before putting it to the machine, stain treatment, proper loading linen to the washer, follow the instruction (CATT process-Chemical, Action, Time, Temperature), productivity and working ethic, measuring dryer loading accordingly, unloading linen from the washer and dryer, flat iron operation, linen press & folding machine operation, quality assurance/control, linen trap cleaning, general laundry cleaning, and clean linen store and daily distribution timing.





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