General Purpose Attendant or GPA take important role in housekeeping department in maintaining the cleanliness of passenger and crew area and special event onboard the ship to meet company's standard. Passenger or public area are restaurant, bar. lounge, theater, public restroom, atrium, staircase, elevator, swimming pool, spa & gym, and infirmary. The crew areas are crew corridor/hallway, crew elevator, crew living quarter/cabin, crew staircases and landings, marshaling area, and crew restroom. In special occasion GPA personnel help other department such as F&B, FO, etc by providing equipment. In the event of Extravaganza, GPA personnel prepare and set up tables and decorate it as guided by Housekeeping Supervisor and clear that up after the event is finish. The GPA personnel responsibilities are maintaining cleanliness of passenger and crew area assigned, prepare and set up table and chair for special event, taking garbage in their section to the garbage room, handling garbage in embarkation and disembarkation day, shampooing carpet in corridor, public area, and guest cabin and other special project assigned by supervisor, reporting damage/defective and missing items in their section, and conform to all USPH instructions and standard.


    GPA Housekeeping base on assignment


    GPA HK Foreman

    Responsible in cleaning all passengers elevator (vacuuming, polishing copper handle, etc), special project as assigned (organize personnel in setting up table for events), keeping all of the keys of housekeeping's trolleys and storerooms, and managing GPA personnel in handling luggage during embarkation and debarkation.


    Responsible in maintaining the cleanliness all of the public area using broom and dustpan by expediting to cover all the public area as assigned by supervisor.

    Toilet man/woman

    Responsible in cleaning and supplying restroom amenities to ensure guest comfort according to USPH standard and company's MHD (Marine Hotel Directions).

    Spa Boy

    Responsible in maintaining the cleanliness of passenger spa and gymnasium and managing linen and towels for spa operations.

    Night Houseman

    Responsible in cleaning public area and special cleaning projects assigned by supervisor during night time and helping night steward to accommodate guest needs.



    GPA HK Public Area

    Responsible in cleaning all public area such as passenger staircases, vacuuming passenger's hallway, lido restaurant, lounge, theater, casino, etc.

    GPA HK Crew Area

    Responsible in cleaning crew area including living quarter/cabin, corridor, staircase, restroom, marshaling area, etc.

    GPA Hospital

    Responsible in cleaning hospital according to the MHD and USPH standard by using PPE and sanitizing hospital in daily basis.


    GPA Laundry base on assignment


    Laundry Foreman

    Responsible in checking all of the equipment and tools and recorded into log book before and after operations.

    Dry Cleaner

    Responsible in operating dry cleaning machine and proper usage of chemicals

    Linen Keeper

    Responsible for arranging linens and towels in the linen room and distribute daily supplies and amenities to the stateroom steward and dining room & lido.


    Responsible in receiving clothes and putting mark on it before washing and record in log book.


    Responsible in checking linen or clothes before and after washing and separate it according to the mark.

    GPA Presser

    Responsible in pressing and folding all of the dry clean clothes and separate it as marked.

    GPA Laundry

    Responsible in washing and drying all the clothes, linens, towels, etc and ensuring that the wash/dryer machine works properly as guided by MHD.

    Night GPA Laundry

    Responsible in washing linens and drying it as assigned by laundry supervisor.


    Career in housekeeping starts as GPA housekeeping and move up to the following positions:

    Captain Steward

    Responsible in cleaning Officer Cabins (Captain, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, Hotel Manager, etc), delivering daily programs, handling laundry, and dinner service as requested by the Officer daily.

    Night steward

    Responsible in accommodating passenger needs during night time, refilling chemical bottle for all of the cabin stewards, folding daily program and guest's letter and put it into cabin steward locker/box, and helping special cleaning projects assigned by supervisor.


    Responsible in delivering documents to each department onboard the ship, ala minute order by Chief Housekeeper and expediting letter from GRM to guest's stateroom

    GPA Officer

    Responsible in cleaning officer cabin and laundry service to the officer, maintaining officer area/hallway, and special cleaning projects assigned by supervisor.


    Responsible in fixing and making crews and officers uniforms and assisting crews for uniform during embarking crew.


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