Housekeeping personnel should know and understand kinds of tools and equipment to be used during cleaning process. Before using those tools, they should know what kind of object that they are going to clean. Most of the objects that are being cleaned have their own characteristic and surface. Misuse of tools may damage the object. A surface is the outer or top most boundary of an object, which can be divided into:

    • Hard Surface : wood, ceramic, marble, stainless steel, copper, cement, steel
    • Soft surface : fiber, mattress, plastic, wool, textile


    Kind of equipment and tools that being used onboard cruise line/hotel are:

    • Vacuum cleaner : this equipment is used for cleaning dirt/dust from the surface of the floor
    • Carpet extracting machines : this can be use to clean carpet or floor that has stain
    • Rotary machine: this machine is used for polishing floor to make it shinny.
    • Ozone machine: it is used for vanishing bad odor in the room.
    • Flood extractor: it is used for sucking water from wet carpet.
    • Air Blower: it is used for drying wet carpet
    • Combo bucket and Wringer: it is used for moping the floor
    • Broom.
    • Wipe dry floor squeegee
    • Bottle sprayer
    • Toilet bowl brush
    • Lamb wool duster
    • Window squeegee
    • Scrub, brush, and cleaning towel




    After knowing equipment and tools that being used for cleaning, generally we use the following procedures and method:

    1. Dusting

      The purpose of this action is to remove small dust or particles from the surface of the object to create cleaner environment. We use dustpan or short-handled receptacle into which dust can be swept.

    2. Sweeping

      This is a process of passing a broom over an area to collect debris or dirt.

    3. Bonneting

      It means cleaning carpet using a cloth pad and rotary machine for heavy stain.

    4. Cleaning

      The purpose of this activity is to make objects unsoiled by removing dirt or stain or contaminating matter.

    5. Scrubbing

      It means cleaning object by using an abrasive action, manually using scrubber or machine. If this method used by mistake it could damage the object.

    6. Blotting

      The processes of drying or soaking up/removing the spot/stain using an absorbent material (clean rag). Spray the chemical to the spot and tamping the spot using carpet spotting brush to inject the chemical into the surface and blot with a clean rag. The dirt will transfer to the rag.

    7. Buffing

      It means to shine hard surface using rotary machine and soft buffing pad without using chemical or water.

    8. Wiping

      It means rubbing dirty surface with rag or paper.

    9. Disinfecting

      The act of killing germs or bacteria by using chemical and spray to the object and let it sit for at least 6 minutes to kill most of the germs and bacteria.

    10. Sanitizing

      Freeing any object from possible health effect by using sanitizer. This is the final act after washing and rinsing.

    11. Vacuuming

      Removing dirt and dust by passing an electric sweeper machine that has suction power to pick up and collect dirt for disposal



      1. Standard room

        Common guest room equipped with single, double, or twin bed with bathroom or shower.

    • Single Bedded Room

      Room features with a single bed for one person.

    • Double Bedded Room

      A bed room that is furnished with one bed for two persons

    • Twin Bedded Room

      A bed room features with two beds for two persons

    1. Superior Room

      It is same with standard room but bigger in its size

    2. Family room

      Large superior room and an additional bathroom

    3. Studio Room

      Single bedded room that function as additional bed

    4. Junior suite

      A room with luxurious furniture and equipment, usually also has a sitting room

    5. Suite room

      Two junior suites with separates sitting room, dining room, and kitchenette

    6. President Suite

      Two or more suite room equipped with a kitchenette and additional facilities.

    7. Penthouse suite

      Large two or more president suites plus other luxurious facilities

    8. Single studio room

      Single bedded room with sofa with function as additional bed

    9. Connecting room

      Two rooms which are next to each other and connected with a connection door

    10. Adjoining room

      Two rooms which are next to each other but not connected with a connection door

    11. Cabin or Stateroom

      Terms for a guest room on cruise line.


    Types of cabin that usually used onboard cruise ship are standard room, junior suite, suite, and penthouse. Regarding the explanation about type of rooms above, we have a conclusion that the different between each type of room are facilities, price, and services.


    These are the room's features in general:

    1. Wardrobe or closet : guest usually put their small luggage and clothes in here
    2. Wardrobe lamp: Lamp inside the closet.
    3. Desk
    4. chair/sofa
    5. arm chair
    6. mirror
    7. drawer
    8. dressing table & chair
    9. night table: guest usually put pen and note also phone
    10. night table lamp: guest usually turn this lamp on during night before sleeping to read something
    11. ceiling lamp
    12. wall mount lamp/bed light
    13. TV set and CD/DVD Player
    14. Phone
    15. Refrigerator
    16. Safety deposit box
    17. directory book
    18. Privacy sign
    19. Bed: Head Board, mattress, bed pad, bed sheet, blanket, pillow, pillow case, bed cover.




    Bathroom fixtures:

    1. Bath Tub with bath up plug and chains and bath mat
    2. wash basin sink and shelve
    3. shower: shower head, shower hose, shower hold, soap dish
    4. toilet: toilet bowl, toilet bowl seat, toilet bowl cover, flush button, toilet paper holder, toilet paper
    5. Bathroom curtain hook with curtain and liner.
    6. clothes line
    7. towel rack for bath towel, hand towel, and face towel
    8. Rubbish bin, medical bin on request.
    9. vanity dispenser for facial tissue
    10. hand holder
    11. medical cabinet
    12. dressing mirror with hair dryer in cabinet
    13. Amenities : toilet paper, facial tissue, shower cap, shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, bath foam, body lotion, ashtray, glass, glass cover, mending kit, cotton bud, sanitary bag.




    1. Enter the stateroom

      Look for the correct cabin number on the doors and check for privacy sign. Knock on door, with knuckles, three times and say "housekeeping"[do not use key] then wait 3 seconds for guest for respond, if there is no respond knock again[3 times]. Insert key/card in lock and open the door slowly, about 15 cm/6 inch and say "good morning/afternoon/evening Housekeeping" before entering the cabin. Open door completely and place rubber stopper below the door then enter the room. If the bathroom door is closed, knock on bathroom door and say "housekeeping", check bathroom turn the lights on, open drapes and curtain completely (day time service). Check room temperature to ensure that it works properly. Do not adjust the thermostat because it could be adjusted by the guest. Bring cleaning bucket and vacuum into cabin and place bucket into bathroom floor.

    2. Remove soiled linen and trash

      Check for room service trays, dirty glasses, dishes, cutleries, etc. Remove and replace bathroom glasses and spray sink and bath up using proper chemical (stated on MSDS or label on chemical bottle sprayer) prior to removal from stateroom. Make sure to put room service tray at pantry or designated area. Look around the room and pick trash put into the rubbish bin, don't put hand in the bin. Check closet and remove excess hangers and make sure that there's no trash or dirt inside the closet. Check drawers and put items belong to the drawers (directory book, ship's magazine, room service menu, etc) and check under the bed to ensure there's no trash on the carpet/floor. During debarkation, check guest's personal items if there's any then report it to Front Desk for lost and found purpose immediately. For smoking room, check the ashtray and dump the trash to the rubbish bin. Don't put cigarette bud directly to the rubbish bin without checking it to prevent fire. Take all the trash from the stateroom to the trolley or station and put it to the trash can. Collect and remove all soiled linen or towels in proper bag (usually blue soiled linen bag for soiled linen/towels, and yellow linen bag for stain/damage linen/towels).


    3. Strips the bed linens

      Ensure that guest's belonging aren't hidden or mixed by shaking the sheet before removing it. Remove and fold the bed cover and place it on sofa or chair (do not place it on the carpet/floor), remove pillow cases from pillows and place pillows on sofa or chair then remove all sheet and place it on proper bag ( usually white soiled linen bag). Check mattress pad for stain and replace if necessary and check under mattress as well. Remove soiled linen bag and place it in station or trolley.

    4. Cleaning the bathroom

      Spray proper cleaning chemical to clean the bath tub, shower surfaces, shower head, and exterior of toilet bowl. Let the chemical works for at least 6 minutes, then clean bath up with rag for light cleaning or hand brush for deep cleaning, then spray with sanitizer and wipe it with clean rag. Squirt Enzymatic (chemical for toilet with sanitizer) into toilet bowl, under the rim, let it sit for a moment, brush it, and flush. Ensure that under toilet bowl is cleaned by using proper chemical wipe/mop it then sanitize it. Make sure to put chemical sprayer in the bucket to avoid staining the carpet/floor. Clean the mirror using glass cleaner chemical by spray it then wipe it with dry clean rag. For cleaning balcony windows or porthole, use hot water first, dry t quickly, then spray with glass cleaner and wipe it with dry clean rag.

    5. Clean linen and towels distribution

      Distribute necessary bed linen, pillow cases, and towels according to the bed configuration information a guided by supervisor. Place towels on the clean side of the bathroom (in front of the mirror, do not put clean towels on toilet bowl) and place bed linen on the sofa/chair.


    6. Make the bed

      Place mattress pad on the bed, secure with elastic corner bands. Place and center first plain sheet on the bed and tuck it at the head of the bed (don't forget to make hospitality fold). Place and center second plain sheet on the bed, with the inside part of the sheet facing up, then place and center blanket at least 30 cm from the top of the bed. Place and center third sheet on top of the blanket, turn back second plain sheet over the blanket and the third sheet then move to the foot of the bed. Straighten first, second, blanket, and third sheet and tuck it all across. Miter or make hospitality fold in every corner. Tuck in side of the bed (includes all sheets and blanket), check bed skirting, and straighten all sides of the bed, then place bed cover. On embarkation day, place luggage mat at the bottom of the bed on top of the bed cover. Tools required for twin and king size are:




    2 twin size mattress pad

    1 king size mattress pad

    2 twin size white sateen stripe sheet as top sheet

    1 king size white sateen stripe sheet as top sheet

    2 twin size blanket

    1 king size blanket

    4 twin plain white sheet

    2 king plain white sheet

    4 standard pillow protector

    4 standard pillow protector

    4 standard pillow cases (white sateen stripe)

    4 standard pillow cases (white sateen stripe)

    4 standard pillows

    4 standard pillows

    2 bed covers

    1 bed covers

    2 luggage mat during embarkation day only

    2 luggage mat during embarkation day only


    1. Cleaning the bathroom

      Put dirty towels in proper linen bag and trash into the rubbish bin to the station or trolley. Clean bath tub and shower using proper chemical completely (edges, chrome, soap dish, towel rack, and wall). Dry shower curtains, shower wall, and shower hose. Clean inside the toilet bowl using toilet brush, clean under the toilet seat and cover, under the toilet bowl, with proper chemical. Clean medicine cabinet and clean the mirror using hot water and wipe dry with clean rag and make sure no watermarks. Clean washbasin, faucet/tap, under washbasin and dry it completely. Clean floor by using vacuum cleaner then mop it until dry. Replenish amenities such as shampoo, soap, conditioner, body lotion, shower cap, cotton bud, facial tissue, toilet tissue, and toilet paper. Replace and supply required towels and bathrobe. During embarkation day, all of the towels should be replaced and amenities should be completed. Give a final look and double check and make sure that the stateroom meets company's expectation and standard.


    2. Cleaning the room

      Dust and wipe ceiling, walls, artwork, doors and frames, light fixtures (wall sconces, lamps and lampshades), mirror, TV (behind and top), sanitize all table's surfaces and dresser tops with sanitizer (virox5), upholstered furniture (under cushions, closet, shelves), sanitize TV remote control and telephone handle with sanitizer (virox5), and vacuum the carpet floor.

    3. Supply Stateroom Supplies

      Check inside the stationary folder and complete it with writing paper, envelopes, postcards, and pen. Ensure there are laundry list, laundry bags, shoeshine basket liner and hangers inside the closet.

    4. Deliveries

      Daily program delivered to the guest folder (outside of the guest's room) every night for the next day, shorex forms delivered at noon, shop onboard flyers at noon, fax/email/letter at any time as received, and give order upon request.

    5. Report maintenance concern (thermostat not working properly, toilet flush doesn't work, etc) to the housekeeping supervisor if there's any immediately to avoid guest's complain.



    Turn down service is a service that is given by a Lead Steward in the evening to open the bed (fold the bed cover and put into the drawers under the bed), make the room tidy and replenish amenities needed. The services that usually given are opening the bed cover, close the curtain, put a good night card and chocolate, put daily program and breakfast card, check stationary folder (envelope, postcard, etc), fill the ice bucket, vacuuming the room, clean the bathroom, and replenish bathroom amenities and towels.


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