Greetings and partings are part of basic conversation that people should know and understand. When the first time people meet each other they're always do greeting, as well as when they're leaving, they do partings. In daily basis we always greet people we meet by saying " good morning or Hi, etc." To make it easier, below are example of the greetings and partings.

    Read and practice these phrases


    Good morning/Afternoon/Evening - Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening

    • How nice to see you? - Nice to see you too
    • Hello Vina! - Hello Shila
    • How are you? - Fine, thanks. And you?
    • Hi, Brigita - Hi, Restu
    • How have you been? - Pretty good
    • What's happening?/What's up? - Not much
    • What's new? - Nothing.
    • How are you doing? - Ok / Not bad
    • Long time, no see - Yeah


    • Well, i'm afraid i have to go - Thank you for coming
    • Well, it's getting late - Maybe we can talk again
    • Maybe we could get together sometimes - Sounds good
    • Great seeing you - Same here
    • I've really got to (gotta) go - Ok, see you (ya)


    • Until the next time … - Good bye
    • Good bye Restu - Bye Dodo K
    • Good Night Brigit - Good night Vina
    • Have a nice weekend - You too.
    • Talk to you later (ttyl) - Bye. Take it easy
    • See you later - So long, take care


      Study this conversation!

      Brigita: Do you like dancing?

      Restu: Yes, i do. I like it very much.

      Brigita: What kinds of dance do you like most?

      Restu: Well, i like ballet other than traditional Indonesian dance.

      Brigita: Oh really, that's awesome. Perhaps you can teach me someday.

      Restu: Sure, that'll be cool.

      Shila: What do you like to do in your spare time?

      Vina: I like doing many things. I like going to movies, cooking, and especially i love shopping very


      Shila: Do you? I don't like it at all indeed.


    • I like/enjoy/love …… (noun/Verb-ing)
    • I am keen on/ fond of …. (Verb-ing)
    • I am crazy about ….. (noun/Verb-ing)


    • I dislike … (noun/Verb-ing)
    • I don't like/enjoy/love … (noun/Verb-ing)
    • I am not keen on/ fond of …. (Verb-ing)
    • I am sick of ….. (noun/Verb-ing)


    • I prefer (noun/Verb-ing) to (noun/Verb-ing)

      I prefer New York Sirloin Steak to Pork Chop.

    • I like (noun/verb-ing) better than (noun/verb-ing)
    • I like …. more than ……

      I like my bicycle more than my laptop

      Agreeing and disagreeing with someone's else

    • I'm crazy about rock music.
    • I really love basketball.
    • Are you? I am too.

      Do you? I do too

      Really? So am i

      So do i

      Really? Me too

      Do you? Me too

      I like it, too

      I like it, too

      Are you? I'm not

      Do you? I don't

      Really? I don't like it at all.

      Infact, i hate it.

      Really? I don't like it very much

      Agreeing and disagreeing with someone's dislike

      I don't like Nickelback very much.

      I can't stand Plain White T's.

    • No, neither do i

      No, i can't either

      I don't either

      Neither can i

      You don't? I like them ('em) a lot

      You can't? I do like them ('em)

      Do you? I think they're Ok

      Really? I think they're the best.

      Answer these questions.

    • Do you like music? - Do you like watching movie?
    • What kind of music do you like? - What's your favorite movie?
    • How do you like it? - Could you tell me about your hobbies?


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