Sometimes when we write something in English, we make some mistake. Indonesian people make certain mistake by translating Indonesian language into English language when they talk to somebody else in English or writing in English about something. It is very easy to analize that mistake by understanding grammar usage. In daily basis, when we talk to somebody, sometimes they don't understand about what we are talking, that could be because we make a mistake. Below exercises are about common mistake in English that we usually make.

    Are these sentences correct? Find out the mistakes in each sentence if any, and correct them.

    • WRONG

    • RIGHT

    • I go to work by the train.
    • From here to Bogor is 40 minutes by bus.(fragment consider revising)
    • If i'm not wrong he is a hotel manager.
    • He goes to the Surabaya every month.
    • If you want come to Bali you must to tell your mother first.
    • I've been there three years ago.
    • He has ever worked in a hotel from 1988 to 1993.
    • When i got to this house he is watching TV.
    • He went to the supermarket for buying some food.
    • I told to Hamid to came early.
    • She goes to shopping every two days.
    • Taman Mini is 25 kilometers away from here.

    • You can go to there by foot.

    • I had breakfast was fried rice and coffee.
    • He has lunch with chicken every day.
    • Please wait here. I'll come back ten minutes again.
    • My uncle is living in Jakarta for ten years.

    • Mario and Joko has forgotten his jackets.
    • How many is your number cabin?

    • He asked to me to help him.

    • They want to job on board cruise ship.

    • Please don't late again. You are already late three times this month.

    • She is boring of studying English.

    • He is still interrogation by the police.

    • Who does that suitcase belong to?

    • I have seen that film about six months ago.
    • Would you like having dinner with us tonight?
    • Please bring the dirty linen to the laundry.
    • What is the population in Jakarta? There are more eight million people living in Jakarta.

    • What is your father like? He likes hamburger and spaghetti.


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