Talking about globalization sometimes make us feel like 'life's so fast, just like Speedy Gonzales'. There are so many issues about the impact of globalization. Internet has become one of the technology that facilitate the way to speed that up. People need information about everything and anything immediately, no matter where you are, who you are, as long as you can access internet, you'll get the news, sometimes it's a breaking news. With so many social networking, people can communicate so easily to talk about some issues. Internet has change the world, so that people now always to think outside the box. People hunger of information, they always want to know what's goin' on now in the world, stock market, or kinda other important matters to come. Developing country seems to be way too far to accept that. Indonesia consist about more than 200 million people and most of them are doing farming in traditional way. The power of change among them are so low, it just because of "I can't speak English Language." or " I've never learnt about English." That just part of it. Most of Indonesian people wanting their son or daughter to work as official government, military, or working in factory with basic wage that sometimes it's not enough for living. Moderate people who rich enough send their children overseas to get more education. Corruption, nepotism, and collusion have made Indonesian people suffered in poverty. The system has never been changed since reformation began in 1998, what a shame country. Many people who work for government are still doing corruption, lots of public facilities are being ignore, and there're lots of disaster happened caused by government ignorance. If only there's a "Satria Piningit" that would be awesome. People are waiting for a change.

    As a matter of fact, i dedicate this site to encourage Indonesian people to move forward for better life. There are tons of jobs overseas not only for engineering, medical personnel, hospitality industry, but also for all field of education background. There must be lots of Indonesian people who want to learn about English Language to get a jobs overseas. Our staff are expertise people in Cruise line industry. We are born to help Indonesian people who wants to work onboard cruise line in a very fast way. With our office based in Yogyakarta, we wanna meet and discuss about your future plan with us. For your better life, for better future. Come join us!


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