• Building Self Esteem & Be Self-Motivated

    Sometimes we feel that we are not able to compete with others in something, such as a job or ability. Sometimes many people are frustrated after seeing the success of someone who is actually the person is able to do the same. Finally emerge the self-confidence crisis. Of course very important to know that, we should love ourselves with any situation that will further increase our confidence to fight and move on in life. Indeed, we need to realize that it is easy in theory but disclose the practice sometimes difficult to manifest. In addition, we must realize ourselves on our ability, to become confident, we also need self-introspection. Aware of the capability, a lot of socializing, and of course love our self (not necessarily over-narcist). Get to know yourself well will take you on a different condition, which ultimately makes us able to measure the unique capability that we bring in a positive way. Of course everyone has their unique, both in the style of thinking, determining something, and in the interpretation of a case. Believe in our capacity is very important in socializing with others so we would not be trapped and not be skeptical. Pretend to know about a matter that we do not actually understood will be the Boomerang to our own. It will be more wise to ask when we do not understand or know about the matter. Speak up is not to make us look stupid, but more positively convince us that we understand it correctly. Be positive thinking will bring a case in point where we all look so good. Feeling comfortable, relax, and positive thinking which supported by perfect personality will lead us to get more confident. Of course, it should be support with a good personal Hygiene, good appearance, and positive attitude. There are habits in Indonesian society that restrain the freedom of their children in creativity and determine the choice of life. By not allowing, their children to do something that parent think not too good to do will make their children feel uncomfortable which lead to unconfident and frustrated feelings. Giving doctrine to children about certain case/attitude will not make someone become confidence. Giving the freedom to children with responsible will help them to be more creative in all things and give them motivation to change for better life and future.

    Many articles about how to motivate themselves with the attitude and positive thought patterns, such as:
    ‡. The future is in your own hands; you should pursue and reach it by yourself.
    ‡. What happens at present is the result of what we thought in the past.

    ‡. Dream is the fact that delayed, sometimes the reality of the results obtained from what we
    dream in the past.

    Moreover, of course there are many more words, which we realized or not happened in our lives. What will happen in our lives in the future depending on what we plan. Many people whom success sometimes they are not sure of what they actually wanted. When we were in elementary school, teachers ask us about our future occupancy. Some of them wanting to be a doctor, pilot, engineer, and architect, for government (may be members of parliament /president). Indeed, that people who have future plan for their life will be better than people who do not have plan at all, although sometimes what we planned before not become reality. The point is what you expect, dreamed of, plan, and desired, are the initial step that indicates which direction and what will you do to achieve your desires/goal. You should think positively with all of your dreams without you have to be hurry in finding out how to manifest that. Because your dream or hope, are part of the prayer to God that might not being manifest today, tomorrow, but may be in the next 2 or 5 years. It is up to what you believe, lots people prove that and you can do it for yourself. What will happen in the future depends on what you are doing today and idea that you want to manifest. There are a thousand way to get to Rome. Talking about jobs, sometimes graduated people difficult to get a job. In Indonesia, getting jobs are not that easy, the chance is so difficult to get. The solution is to sell all graduated people to work overseas. That is our ability to sell to foreign countries. The problem is only one, how to do that?
    How do we prepare ourselves to be able to compete with foreign countries in getting jobs in global market jobs? It's not always be USA, but could be in Europe or other countries. Although working in the USA sometimes easier than other countries to get (seaman, hotel jobs, constructions, manufacture, etc), but in fact there are many other jobs in other countries available. Searching jobs that match with our capabilities can be done easily through the internet. Mentalities as Indonesian people should be developed by individuals who able to solve the problem without creating problems. Working overseas is not easy, posses strong ability in foreign language skills, the ability to interact with local people, also professional personal skill ability are parts that must be prepared. To become professional, each individual should be well educated. Global competition in getting jobs internationally becomes our challenge to reach better life in future. We should realize that our education take important role in getting a job. It sounds strange when a person who graduated from engineering working in hospital as nurse in hospital. Choosing university and majority in college are important to determine someone's future. Too many choices sometimes confuse us and make stupid decision that will not benefit us in the future or out of track of what we are planning in the future. Believe in our capability is the golden key to successfully achieve our future. Many Indonesian parents want their children to become a postgraduate as part of the prestige in their community. It become wrong perception that the children think that the important thing is to be graduated, about a job it will follow, and the results most of them got a job that they don't really like or matching their educational backgrounds. As we know whatever job we do, it depends on what we have learned. Skeptical also sometimes occur in Indonesian society, even though somebody has graduated, but still they hard to get a job. Most of graduate people who hard to get a job are determined by several factors, which are low in GPA and cannot compete, minimum ability, attitude, and failed during the interview. Be great person with great personality and capability will lead us to brightest future.


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